Ten Surprising Sales and Prospecting Statistics

Ten Surprising Sales and Prospecting Statistics

Ten Surprising Sales and Prospecting Statistics
by Josh Lowry

  1. Best time to cold call prospects is 4-5 PM; 8-10 AM second; 11AM-2PM worst. Source: Kellogg School of Business
  2. Best time to email prospects is 8AM and 3PM. Source: GetResponse
  3. Eighty percent of sales require five follow-up calls after the first client meeting. Source: Marketing Donut
  4. Email marketing has two times higher return than cold calling. Source: MarketingSherpa
  5. It takes an average of eight cold call attempts to reach a prospect. Source: InsideSales.com
  6. Only 2% of cold calls result in an appointment. Source: Leap Job
  7. Only 11% of salespeople ask clients for referrals. Source: Dale Carnegie
  8. Seventy-percent of prospects make purchasing decisions to solve problems. Source: Impact Communications
  9. Thursday is the best day to prospect; Wednesday is second best; Tuesday is the worst. Source: InsideSales.com
  10. Top sellers use LinkedIn six or more hours per week. Source: Jill Konrath

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