Attitude: Mental Ju Jitsu

Attitude: Mental Ju Jitsu

Napoleon Hill wrote “Think and Grow Rich” in 1937. In the book, he popularized the notion that our thoughts play a critical role in achieving personal and professional success. The book’s fundamental theme was that both our goals and our thoughts must be aligned to achieve our desired results. Mental Ju Jitsu then is the “gentle art” of winning the internal battle between your goals, results and thoughts.

Successful people ensure that their goals are constantly in alignment with their thoughts. If their results are not what they want them to be, they examine what they have been thinking about during the period. They know that their results consistently match their thinking, whether negative or positive. Their external world (goals and results) is a direct reflection of their internal world (thoughts).

For example, if you are having trouble achieving a commitment, look at your thoughts. Are you saying to yourself that the goal is too high? The economy is too difficult? Instead, what if you asked, how can I achieve the commitment? Who is achieving the commitment today that can help me? Successful people know that to change their results they must change their thoughts. Organizational leaders must do the same.

Training your mind is the most important skill that you can master. On average, 70% of our thoughts are negative. Decreasing your negative thoughts by just 5% will produce one million new positive thoughts per year. Each new positive thought attracts new positive energy. Successful people control their mind through awareness and practice. They consciously eliminate or replace disempowering thoughts with empowered thinking.

The mind is very powerful.  If it is not effectively managed, it can create disempowering stories that have never happened and most likely never will.  Successful people understand the power of the mind.  They know that their thoughts can either empower or limit them.  Consequently, they work to control their thoughts versus be controlled by them.  Always ensure that your goals and your thoughts are aligned to achieve your desired results.

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