Ten Leadership Principles for Success

Ten Leadership Principles for Success

Becoming an effective leader is a continual journey, not a destination.  Leaders never arrive at where they want to be.  They must continually grow and reinvent themselves to address constant change.  Leaders must be continual students of people with no graduation date.  Because business changes in real-time, new approaches and skills to leadership are always needed.  That said, below are ten principles that I have found to be constant over time.

1 – Be accountable – You deliver or you do not.  There is no in-between (grey area).  Take full accountability if you do not deliver.  Do not make excuses or rationalize results.  Learn from failure.  Make adjustments.  Do not repeat.

2 – Be coachable – If you debate or rationalize during feedback, you fail.  Let people get it all out.  Assume the person is trying to help you improve.  If you are closed to receiving feedback, you will not develop and grow.

3 – Be discontent with the status quo – Good is never enough.  Come to work every day knowing that you can always do better and improve on something.  Become energized by continuous improvement.

4 – Commit to personal development – The only constants in life are change and learning.  If you stop growing, you do not stay the same, you atrophy.  To remain competitive, continue to develop and grow.  To earn more, learn more.

5 – Deliver results while living the company’s values – The how (behavior/value) is more important than the what (result). Always do the right thing.  Taking shortcuts will catch up to you over the long-term.

6 – Focus on what you can control – If you focus on what you cannot control, you waste energy and time.  In difficult situations, list what you can control and only focus on them.  Focus on what you can do, not what you cannot do.

7 – Have Integrity – Do what you say and say what you do (“audio must be in sync with video”).  How we do little things is how we do big things.  Always choose the hard right over the easy wrong, especially when no one is looking.

8 – Lead by example – People hear what you say and watch what you do.  Doing has greater influence over saying (“people hear what we do”).  People are mirror reflections of their leaders.  People emulate the example set for them.

9 – See yourself as others see you, not as you see yourself – Be self-aware.  We judge ourselves by our intent, but we are judged by our actions and words.  Do not get defensive by criticism or feedback.  Use it to course-correct.

10 – Win with people – Nothing of significance is ever achieved alone.  It is done with people.  If it can be achieved alone, it is not big enough.  Look for best practices from any source and share them.  Make others and the team great.

All contents copyright © 2011, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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