Jack Welch’s Three S’s for Winning

Jack Welch's Three S's for Winning

Jack Welch developed the Three S’s while he was the Chairman and CEO of General Electric (1981-2001).  According to Welch, the Three S’s are the prescription for winning in business.  The Three S’s are interrelated and mutually supportive.  The Three S’s are:

1 – Self-Confidence.  Always believe in yourself.  Embrace change before you have to.  Take consistent action.  You develop self-confidence by gaining experience and winning multiple times.

2 – Simplicity.  Reduce things to their simplest level; not simplistic, but simplified.  When communication is clear, it travels faster.  Use clear communication to empower others.  You cannot have simplicity without self-confidence.

3 – Speed.  When communication is clear, direct language causes action and decisions to happen faster.  Speed is a competitive advantage.  You cannot have speed without simplicity.

Bureaucracy fosters formality, which slows a company down. Bureaucracy resists both simplicity and speed. Change is what excites people. Embrace change, do not be paralyzed by it. If you are stagnant, you do not stay the same, you atrophy. Use the Three S’s to disrupt bureaucracy and the status quo.

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