Business Development versus Sales

Business Development versus Sales

A lot of people ask me about the difference between business development and sales. Are they the same position? Are they separate roles? In theory, business development and sales are interrelated, but fundamentally different. In reality, business development (or “biz dev”) can mean whatever a company or hiring manager defines it to mean. Why the confusion? There is a growing trend to use business development versus sales in the titles of direct sellers to make them less intimidating to customers. Effective? I will let you decide. IMHO customers are smart. A business development title combined with sales activity is still a seller in the customer’s mind. I would rather establish clarity of responsibility and accountability between the two functions.

Business development is focused on building relationships and opening doors for companies to create opportunities and generate revenue over the long-term (e.g., channel partnerships, strategic alliances, etc.). Business development most often does not carry a quota and is measured by strategic objectives (e.g., reseller agreements signed). In contrast, sales is tactically focused on closing revenue in the current month/quarter. Sales carries a revenue quota and is measured against the attainment of same. Enterprise software provides an example of how the two functions interrelate. Sales close deals with customers and business development create partnerships with consulting firms for implementation. While there are exceptions, below is a summary of the key distinctions. Hope this helps.

Business Development versus Sales

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