Accelerating Organizational Speed

Accelerating Organizational Speed

Success is defined as achieving results established in advance and on purpose. Successful companies achieve purposeful results faster than the competition. They are the quickest and smartest at creating the most value for customers. Speed is a critical component of their success. However, superficial speed (activity without results) is often caused by an excessive focus on both pace and process. Pace and process become speed traps causing companies to go slower because they are trying to go too fast. People must also be factored into the speed equation.

Below are three people factor frameworks that leaders can use to accelerate organizational performance and speed.

Strategic Acceleration – from Tony Jeary, Executive Coach

  • Clarity – Be clear about what you want to achieve so people know what to do. Clarity reduces distractions.
  • Focus – Concentrate on priorities and filter the rest. Focus is between where you are and what you want.
  • Execution – Get things done. Production before perfection – start producing results now!

Strategic Speed – from Forum, Consulting Firm

  • Clarity – Create a shared understanding of the goal. There must be a common definition of success.
  • Unity – Ensure everyone has a shared commitment to achieving the goal and working together. We are all in.
  • Agility – Foster a willingness to adapt quickly. Embrace change before you need to do it.

Three S’s – from Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO of General Electric

  • Self-Confidence – Always believe in yourself. You develop self-confidence by gaining experience and winning.
  • Simplicity – Be a ruthless simplifier of the business. You cannot have simplicity without self-confidence.
  • Speed – Clear communication causes faster action and decisions. You cannot have speed without simplicity.

When the people factors from one of the above frameworks are combined with both pace and process, meaningful speed occurs. In the military it is said, “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.” Go slow in order to go fast by ensuring pace, process and people are optimized. According to Edwin Boswell, CEO of Forum, fast companies have 40% higher sales and 52% higher operating profits than slower companies. Organizations that purposefully go slow in order to go fast deliver better financial performance. It is about meaningful speed, not superficial speed.

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