Sellers Must Adjust to Empowered Buyers

Sellers Must Adjust to Empowered Buyers

When companies go to market with a product, it is common for their sales and marketing communications to lead with features; e.g., business analytics, email integration, revenue forecasting, etc. However, leading with features no longer matches the buying process of today’s customers. Customers can now read about a product’s features, functions, etc. online. In fact, because of the Internet, most buyers are 60%-70% through the buying process before they ever engage with a seller. Because buyers are now so empowered, how should sellers adjust?

When buyers engage with sellers, they no longer want to hear about features and functions. What buyers want is assurance that they have correctly diagnosed their business issue and have used the right criteria to decide on a solution. Buyers also want to learn something new about their business and industry, so sellers must have the right knowledge and insight to educate them. Above all, sellers must get into the head of buyers and walk in their shoes to be more consultative. It is about partnering with the buyer to add value and solve problems.

All contents copyright © 2012, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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