Using Win/Loss Reviews to Improve Sales

Using Win/Loss Reviews to Improve Sales

Organizational leaders must implement a repeatable and scalable sales methodology and process to effectively deliver revenue growth and profit. Knowing why sellers win or lose deals is critical for accelerating sales performance. It is also critical for improving the consistency and predictability of results.

Generally, less than 5% of opportunities that are won, lost or disengaged (disengaged is a loss) are formally or informally reviewed. This exposes companies to competitive threats and missed opportunities. Knowing how and why deals are won or lost is fundamental to being a learning sales organization and staying competitive.

Win/loss reviews provide an invaluable source of information and insights; i.e., what worked and what did not. Sales organizations must always be as diligent about analyzing their losses as they are passionate about announcing their wins. Losing is never easy or desirable, but losing and not learning from it is unacceptable.

Win/loss reviews can also be viewed more broadly to include deals like “wins” that closed for half their forecasted value, six months late; or “losses” where a deal would not have been profitable for the company. Andrew Rudin, Managing Principal of Outside Technologies, calls this process “after event reviews.” Learning is key.

Being self-critical and learning from both winning and losing is the mark of a best-in-class sales organization. Conducting win-loss reviews and applying the insights to improve is both art and science. It is a discipline and skill that will increase sales effectiveness and make the overall organization a stronger competitor.

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