Clarity of Accountability Drives Results

Clarity of Accountability Drives Results

Clarity of accountability is more important than artificial synergy. Synergy occurs when two or more people work together and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Unless each person is accountable for doing what they said they would do, synergy becomes artificial. Peoples’ natural tendency is to do what they like to do, not necessarily what they should do. Accountability means answering to someone. It accelerates change and drives results. It enables both companies and people to deliver more than a year’s worth of progress in a year.

Responsibility is the authority given to do something. Accountability is the duty to get it done. Responsibility must be given. Accountability must be taken. Leaders must clearly define responsibilities and accountabilities for each team member, including deadlines and checkpoints. Leaders must also communicate that taking ownership (accountability) means doing whatever it takes to deliver results and get the job done. It means focusing on what you can do (victor), not what you cannot do (victim). Being accountable means no excuses.

Clarity of accountability increases execution and results. Effective leaders take notes during meetings and send recaps to attendees on next steps, including who owns what and by when. They use their recaps during checkpoint meetings to examine performance and ensure milestones are being met. When people make excuses for falling short, they become victims. Effective leaders ask, did you do everything you could do to achieve the desired result? Their answer is generally, no. Clarity of accountability and ownership helps prevent these conversations from occurring.

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