Delivering Results while Living Company Values

Delivering Results while Living Company Values

The best leaders live their company’s core values. Core values are descriptive behaviors; e.g., “We are committed to our customers and partners and have a passion for technology (Source: Microsoft).” Core values guide how decisions are made and what actions are taken. While strategy and execution may change, core values do not.

Leaders must deliver business results while living the company’s core values. In assessing their performance, “the how” (core value) is more important than “the what” (business result). Core values remind leaders that they are part of something bigger than themselves. Living the company’s core values is not negotiable.

Companies divide leaders into four categories when discussing “the how” behind business results. They are: 1) If strong results and strong values, high potential. 2) If strong results and weak values, strict scrutiny. 3) If weak results and strong values, second chance. 4) If weak results and weak values, terminate them.

Delivering strong business results is no longer enough. Delivering strong business results while living the company’s core values is now required. Core values must be constantly discussed, modeled and reinforced by leaders. While companies can change what they do, they cannot change who they are (core values).

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