The Winning Edge – Your Attitude

The Winning Edge - Your Attitude

People at the top of their profession generally have comparable knowledge, skill and talent. Their attitude is often the difference-maker between winning and losing. For example, during the Olympics, gold and silver medalists are usually separated by hundredths-of-seconds – attitude was their edge. Consequently, the first rule of winning is do not beat yourself. If your attitude is negative or poor, you are beating yourself. In fact, where you are today is the result of your thoughts. The way that we think determines our attitude.

What is attitude? It is an inward feeling expressed by outward behavior. People project on the outside what they feel on the inside. While you cannot choose what happens to you, you can choose what happens in you. Your attitude, positive or negative, is within your control. Having a positive attitude can help you do anything better than having a negative one. If your attitude is not contributing to your success, you must change it. Changing your attitude means changing yourself. To change yourself, you must first understand what attitude can and cannot do.

What attitude CAN do: 1) Choices. Attitude determines circumstances; circumstances do not determine attitude. Focus on what you can do. Life gives you what you expect from it, so have high expectations. 2) Problems. Attitude is the difference-maker when problems occur. Every problem is an opportunity waiting to be solved. Use attitude to be a problem-solver, not problem-spotter. 3) Relationships. People mirror your attitude. Who you are is how you see other people. Who you are is who you attract (spend time with positive people).

What attitude CANNOT do: 1) Competence. Attitude is not ability. Thinking you can do something is confidence, being able to do it is competence. 2) Experience. Knowledge and perspective are acquired over the long-term. You do not gain experience until after you need it. 3) Facts. You cannot change facts. You cannot disconnect attitude from reality. 4) Growth. Development requires work. Nothing can substitute for continual learning. 5) Maintenance. Attitude must be continually managed. Maintaining a positive attitude is easier than regaining one.

To achieve greater success, you must change your attitude. If you are not talking to someone, you are talking to yourself. The majority of your internal conversations are negative. Disrupt them! The mind believes what we tell it. Do not beat yourself with negative self-talk. Focus on what you can control – your attitude. Your thoughts impact your ability to succeed. You cannot consistently behave inconsistent with your thoughts. Make managing a positive attitude part of your daily routine. A positive attitude does not guarantee success, but a negative one guarantees failure.

All contents copyright © 2012, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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