Thank You for Your Business

Thank You for Your Business

There are sales leaders who believe receiving an order from a customer is confirmation that superior value was established against the competition. They believe when an order is received the company must then work to re-confirm to the buyer that their decision was correct through successful product implementation and utilization. HOWEVER, they also believe that saying “thank you for your business” to the customer is bush league, plants seeds of doubt in the decision-maker’s mind and weakens the overall value proposition. I disagree.

Saying “thank you for your business” shows appreciation for the customer’s belief and trust in you. It strengthens the foundation for a long-term relationship. The best relationships are partnerships, where the company and customer profit and grow together. When an order is received, YOU MUST work every day to earn the right to be the customer’s trusted advisor. That said, thanking them for their business does not weaken your position, it strengthens it. Treat customers the way you would want to be treated. Do you liked to be thanked for your business? I do.

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One Response to Thank You for Your Business

  1. z says:

    “Thank you” for writing this post. A good reminder for business and sales people.


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