SERVE Model of Leadership

SERVE Model of Leadership

Two critical areas of leadership are vision and implementation. Vision relates to where the organization is going. Implementation relates to how the organization is going to get there. To ensure people have the competencies and skills needed for the journey, leaders must be service-oriented. Servant leaders do everything they can to help their organization and people win. Their goals are focused on the greater good. Below is the SERVE Model created by author and management expert Ken Blanchard. The model is helpful to put servant leadership into practice.

S – See the Future. See and communicate a compelling vision of the future.
E – Engage and Develop Others. Recruit and select the right people to achieve the vision.
R – Reinvent Continuously. Focus on continuous and never-ending improvement.
V – Value Results and Relationships. Deliver positive results and cultivate great relationships.
E – Embody the Values. Live and work in a manner consistent with your values.

Servant leaders do not think less of themselves, they think of themselves less. Servant leaders focus on advancing and serving others. While they are not motivated by what they will get in return, by helping other people win, they win too. Leaders get off track when ego and fear are involved. Ego is the result of having a heightened sense of confidence. Fear is the result of having a heightened sense of losing control. In the end, leadership is a choice. Leaders get to choose to engage in their thoughts and behaviors and ultimately decide how good they want to be.

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2 Responses to SERVE Model of Leadership

  1. David London says:

    Great article. Appreciate the insight!


  2. Rav Raup says:

    I seriously love your blog!


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