GROWTH Drives Leadership Capacity

GROWTH Drives Leadership Capacity

“Growth always increases your capability.” – John Maxwell

Increasing your ability to lead and influence people requires growth. Your capacity to grow determines your capacity to lead. Why is growth so critical? First, example. You cannot expect others to grow if you are not growing. Second, potential. Growth helps you maximize your talent and keeps you stretching. Third, value. The more you grow, the more value you can add to others. The more value you can add to others, the more value they can add to other people; thus, multiplying your influence. The greater your influence, the greater your ability to create positive change.

Growth requires change and change requires intent. Growth compounds and accelerates with intentional action. Every day leaders ask themselves, “How can I do better? How can I improve?” Remember, when it comes to improving you, it is the responsibility of you. Along that line, leaders are readers and lifetime learners. If they stop being intentional about growing, they do not stay the same, they atrophy. Their influence stagnates and gradually starts to evaporate. The bottom line: Growth is not an extracurricular activity. It is part of the job.

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