The 10X Rule of Success

grant cardone 10x rule

I recently came across Grant Cardone on YouTube. Cardone is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and sales expert. He is also the author of five books, including The 10X Rule. The 10X Rule resonated with me because it is about achieving big goals. The 10X Rule is, whatever activity you think it is going to take to achieve a goal, multiple it by ten. For example, if you want to achieve $10M in sales this year, do ten times the amount of activity that you think will be required. The 10X Rule is about dramatically increasing your activity level until you hit your target.

Why is The 10X Rule important? People set goals for what they want in life. When their current level of activity does not get them closer to a goal, they lower their target.  When the new goal becomes too difficult, they lower it again. This pattern causes dissatisfaction. The answer: Set your goals high. Do ten times what you think is necessary. Do not compromise because compromise creates mediocrity. Rather than lower your expectations, increase your level of activity. Increasing your activity level stacks the odds in your favor of achieving or surpassing your goals.

Remember, the only way to stick to anything is to have a big goal. People that do not have big, exciting goals do not stick to them. Why? The goals does not have any sticktoitiveness to them. The reason why a person  working to make $300K per year is more excited than a person working to make $30K per year is because the payoff is bigger. Achieving big goals requires commitment, discipline and focus. It is not easy to achieve big goals.  It is not easy to not achieve them either. There is a price to pay for both. The choice is yours.

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