Successful Prioritization

Successful Prioritization

Success is NOT determined by how many hours you spend at work, but how you spend the hours. Results are what matter, not activity or time in the office. There is ALWAYS more work to do than hours in the day. Consequently, I regularly challenge people to limit their time in the office to eight hours. They then need to decide what to work on every day by making the right tradeoffs. The below framework is helpful to create the right priorities.

1 – High Importance | High Urgency. Do these things first.
2 – High Importance | Low Urgency. Set deadlines and work these things into your daily routine.
3 – Low Importance | High Urgency. Delegate, outsource or use systems to to get this work done.
4 – Low Importance | Low Urgency. Delegate them, do them in half-hour increments or do not do them at all.

Success requires focusing on the right priorities and filtering out the rest. Based on the above framework, how well do you focus on the right priorities? How well do you filter out the rest? Taking a regular inventory of where you spend your time will make you more effective and efficient. Always focus on the highest impact, highest value activities first (“high importance, high urgency”). Letting low value activities “fall off” saves both time and energy.

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