Seven Characteristics of Effective Leaders

Seven Characteristics of Effective Leaders

Effective Leaders:

1 – Are passionate about what they do. This is the direct opposite of “quit and stay” people. That is, people that have mentally quit their jobs, but have not resigned (they are just going through the motions).

2 – Are talented at self-observation. They are tough on themselves. They have high goals and intentions. They do not let people or society challenge them because they are always challenging themselves.

3 – Believe in their ability to affect and control the events that impact them. They are NOT victims. As entrepreneur, motivational speaker and sales expert Grant Cardone says, “Do not be a little bitch.” BE accountable.

4 – Deal with disappointments by using failures and setbacks as motivation. If you do not come across obstacles along the way, you are not going anywhere. Confront them. Learn from them. Move forward.

5 – Have a balance – family, play and work. Leaders that do not have the ability to balance family, play and work become ineffective over the long-term.

6 – Take responsibility when things do not go well. They do not look for scapegoats. They own the successful resolution of problems and issues.

7 – Work through anxiety. In leadership, anxiety builds up. Leaders do not allow anxiety to overcome them in their journey and process of leadership.

All contents copyright © 2013, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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