Great Leaders Extend their Vision and Mission

Great Leaders Extend their Vision and Mission

Leadership is the tireless and often tedious task of moving both organizations and people to believe that it is possible to be better than they are, even when they are already the best in their class or industry. It is the ability to possess an internal optimism that there is nothing standing in the way of success, but ourselves. Great leaders understand that having a long-term outlook means focusing on the present while keeping a critical eye toward the future. It is the ability to see around the corner five, 10 and even 20 years ahead.

Great leaders also provide hope by creating a promising future. History has shown that if companies and leaders do not regularly extend their vision and mission, they eventually become obsolete and disappear. For example, IBM sold its PC division to Lenovo. This was equivalent to Ford selling its automobile manufacturing division. By regularly extending its vision and mission, IBM has not only survived for 100 years, but thrived. Regularly extend your vision and mission. Create a promising future for your people and teams. The only constant is change.

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