P3: People Skills – Dealing with Difficult People

P3: People Skills – Dealing with Difficult People

Leaders know that people who see themselves negatively, see and treat others negatively. People who see themselves positively, see and treat others positively. People treat you according to how they see themselves rather than how you really are. Understand that and you will be less likely to be affected by their behavior. Awareness and perspective are critical. Your self-image has a tremendous effect on how you deal with and feel toward people. You are responsible for how you treat other people.

Action: Your self-image reflects who you are and how you treat others; it should never be influenced by how you are treated by them. You are NOT responsible for how people treat you. However, you ARE responsible for how you react and respond to them. Always focus on the other person’s positive versus negative traits. Get their side of the story. Work to resolve any issues or problems and quickly move on. Success is 85% people skills and 15% technical skills. Effective people skills require the ability to deal with difficult people.

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