Business Benefits of the Public Cloud

Business Benefits of the Public Cloud

Every day, new products and services are added to the public cloud by AWS, Google, Microsoft, etc. However, as popular as “cloud” is today, for many companies and IT professionals, it is still the beginning. Accordingly, below are six business benefits to help get you started thinking about how to leverage the public cloud. Because the public cloud can include infrastructure, platform and software, I will narrow the focus to AWS and infrastructure. The key with infrastructure is, separate buying physical hardware and software from “renting” it, both when you need it and how much you need of it. The business benefits of leveraging infrastructure in the AWS public cloud include:

  1. Dramatically Increase Speed and Agility – Provision hundreds or thousands of new servers in minutes with self-service versus it taking 6-20 weeks to provision new servers on-premises.
  2. Go Global in Minutes – Run applications and servers in global regions to create better experiences and lower latency for customers.
  3. Lower Variable Expenses than Companies Can Do Themselves – Most vendors use the economies of scale to pass on savings to customers in the form of low prices.
  4. Stop Spending Money on “Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting” – Take scarce resources (engineering) and focus them on high-value activities, NOT un-differentiated activities (infrastructure).
  5. Trade Capital Expenses for Variable Expenses – Instead of laying out capital for on-premises software and physical datacenters, get started for $0 and pay as you go.
  6. You Do Not Need to Guess Capacity – Match capacity to customer demand without wasting capital or resources by automatically scaling services up and down.

I hope these business benefits help start the public cloud conversation within your company.

All contents copyright © 2013, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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