Customer Acquisition First, Satisfaction Second

Customer Acquisition First, Satisfaction Second

Customer satisfaction measures if a company’s product or service meets or exceeds expectations after purchase. Company leaders often promote the importance of customer satisfaction, but fail to promote the attainment of customers first. Most companies do not fail because customer satisfaction is too low or their product is inferior. Most companies fail because they do not get enough customers. Customer satisfaction cannot exist without first getting customers. The right mantra then should be: Customer acquisition first and customer satisfaction second.

Company leaders counter this argument by saying, if we are too aggressive with customers, it will negatively impact our brand. Or, if we are too aggressive, we will impact customer satisfaction. The problem is that if you are not aggressive, no one will ever know about your company or product. There is no opportunity to “satisfy” customers until you close one. The right sequence of events should be: i) acquire customers, ii) impress them during the acquisition process and iii) make loyalty a priority through formal satisfaction and service programs.

How can you improve customer acquisition? Survey the prospects that did not become customers. Why did they not buy the product? What did they not like about the process? These questions will reveal critical insight; i.e., what was missing for them to become paying customers. Use this feedback to continually make the customer acquisition process better and faster. How can you consistently impress prospects during the acquisition process by over delivering? Remember, customer satisfaction cannot existing without first getting customers.

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