Leaders Embrace Fear to Move Forward

Leaders Embrace Fear to Move Forward

For most people, fear is destructive. Fear breeds more fear. Fear causes in-action, limits potential and wastes energy. The absence of fear often means that you are operating within your comfort zone and embracing the status quo.

Leaders embrace fear. They know that they will experience fear when striving to operate at new levels. They know that experiencing fear is an indicator to take action and move forward. Fear tells them what to do and when to do it.

Fear is provoked by emotion, not reason. FEAR stands for False Events Appearing Real. Fear then implies that 95% of what you are afraid of will never come to pass. Because the majority of fear is groundless, re-direct it into action.

A person who consistently takes action when they feel fear will advance their cause the most over the long-term. Always use fear as a reason to move forward not as an excuse to stop or retreat.

All contents copyright © 2013, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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