Your Greatest Sales Asset

Your Greatest Sales Asset

What is the greatest asset that you can have in sales? Is it a great brand? Is it a great product? Is it no competition? No. It is a positive attitude. Buyers are moved by confident, positive sales people. Buyers will pay more for a positive experience than a great product. Why? Buyers want to feel good. Buyers will pay the maximum for pleasure, but the minimum for necessities. It is why buyers can easily say no to a company or product, but find it difficult to say no to a positive experience. A positive experience is largely driven by a sales person’s attitude and service.

When sales people make buyers feel good with their positive attitude and exceptional service, buyers want more of it. This is why buyers spend more on pleasure than on necessities. Pleasure can take many forms, including increased revenue, reduced costs, saved resources, etc. A seller’s attitude then has a major impact on the buyer and their experience. If the seller’s attitude is negative, the buyer will be negative. If the seller’s attitude is positive, the buyer will be positive. Consequently, sellers must do everything possible to maintain and protect their positive attitude.

All contents copyright © 2013, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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