A Sense of Sales Pride

A Sense of Sales Pride

Are you proud to be a salesperson? You should be. Why? Business and commerce would stop if no products or services were sold. Over the long run, there is nothing to manufacture, nothing to distribute and nothing to advertise without selling. Thus, sales is critical to both business and society.

Did you know that in the U.S., two-third of small business break-even or lose money every year? … and 50% of all business fail within their first five years? Is the primary reason undercapitalization? No. It is because they do not sell their products or services fast enough or in quantities large enough. They suffer from ineffective selling. Sales matter.

What is selling? Selling is the act of influencing outcomes and persuading others toward a specific course of action or the acceptance of something. The more consistently companies and salespeople sell and close buyers, the more successful they are. Effective selling is an asset. Ineffective selling or no selling is a liability.

A sale is made in every communication or exchange of ideas. You are either selling or someone is selling you. Whenever you achieve a desired outcome, you are paid a commission. Commissions can be monetary (e.g., new customers) or non-monetary (e.g., satisfied customers). Commissions keep you in business.

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