Is Your Pipeline Big Enough?

Is Your Pipeline Big Enough?

Experienced salespeople love to sell and close business, but in general, do not like to prospect. In fact, when they uncover an opportunity, they usually start working on it and stop prospecting altogether. They end up basing their sales success on a few deals closing versus having multiple qualified opportunities in the pipeline. What are the primary risks of this behavior? When appointments get cancelled, deals get stalled or prospects say “no,” they are stuck. They do not have enough other deals in the pipeline to fill the gap and take their place.

Unless you schedule time for prospecting, you will never have time to do it. There will always be something more pressing. Even if you have an inside sales team dedicated to prospecting, you should make time to prospect every day in both your existing and new accounts. You never want to be dependent on the success of one deal or a few deals. When you only have a few deals in the pipeline you can/will become desperate and easily shaken. Great sellers always have a full pipeline. How much pipeline do you need? You can never have enough. Do NOT stop filling it!

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