Results, NOT Effort Pays the Bills

Results, NOT Effort Pays the Bills

Earlier this week, I heard the following from a senior salesperson within the technology industry. “If [the company] is not going to pay me for my efforts, I am going to leave.” Hearing this, my first question to them was, “How is your performance?” They responded, “I am tracking at 88% with three weeks to go … BUT I have a very tough territory.”

The bottom line is that no one cares that you think you have a tough territory. In fact, having a tough territory is actually an opportunity to demonstrate to your company the considerable skill and value that you bring to the table. If you can deliver your number in a tough territory, you will differentiate yourself as irreplaceable.

The truth is that you are paid and evaluated on your results, not your efforts. Commit to overcoming obstacles and pushing through resistance by increasing your activity level. NEVER lower your expectations or targets. ALWAYS take ultimate accountability for what you can control. You CAN control your level of activity.

All contents copyright © 2013, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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