Your Customers Are On Speed

Your Customers Are On Speed

Kris Bliesner, the CEO of 2nd Watch, accurately describes the company  as a “dog year company.” What he means is that one day at 2nd Watch is equivalent to seven days in the “real world” – that is, the world outside of a ventured-backed, technology startup. In the startup world, companies move at lightning speed to win customers, grow market share and generate revenue. Believe it or not, the speed of a technology startup is applicable to how you should be thinking about and serving your customers and partners each and every day.

We live in an instant gratification, right now world. The days of following up or responding to customers in two or three days are over. In today’s world, you must think in terms of dog years. One year equals seven years, so one day equals seven days. The longer you wait to follow up or respond, the more you exposure yourself to competitive and satisfaction issues. Should you rush and risk being incomplete or wrong? No. You should condition yourself to accurate and thorough, but to operate at a dog year pace. Your customers are on speed; you need to be faster.

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