The Gold in the Customer Sign-In Process

The Gold in the Customer Sign-In Process

If you are in field sales or regularly visit customers onsite, chances are you have had to sign-in at the front desk for security purposes. When you sign-in, you are asked to list your name and company. You are also asked to list the person you are there to see, as well as when you arrive and when you leave. Most salespeople treat the sign-in process as part of the job and routine. What most salespeople, including senior salespeople, do not regularly practice or do not know is that the sign-in process is a great source of information to be leveraged.

When you sign-in, always scan the log to see who has been there that day. What companies and people are calling on the customer and who are they meeting with there? Are they competitors? Are they partners? Do you know them? If not, look them up on LinkedIn when you get back to the office. If you see that one of your competitors met with your contact previously in the day, use that information to your advantage during your meeting with the customer. Magnify your strengths, as well as the competitor’s weaknesses where appropriate.

As an example, one of the strengths of Amazon Web Services (AWS) is elasticity; i.e., being able to scale-up and scale-down as needed based on demand. If AWS learned from the log that Rackspace met with the customer contact earlier in the day, they could use that information to their advantage; i.e., Rackspace is not elastic. If elasticity is important to the customer that is a key point of differentiation. Note that there is nothing devious about looking at the log when you sign-in; it is in public view. What is unacceptable is not using the log to your advantage.

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One Response to The Gold in the Customer Sign-In Process

  1. Stewart Johns says:

    I never thought of using the sign in list to my advantage, but what a great idea. Thanks for sharing.


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