Use Customer Referrals to Boost Sales

Use Customer Referrals to Boost Sales

One of my favorite moments in sales occurs when an existing customer calls or emails me excited to introduce a prospect to my company or product. While these moments happen often, they do not happen nearly often enough. Consequently, I am always looking for ways to increase their frequency – that is, proactively making them happen versus reactively waiting for them to happen. One of the best ways that I have found to accomplish this is by continually asking existing customers and new prospects for referrals at the end of a close or conversation.

When I ask for referrals, it often sounds like this: “Do you have any customers, partners or other business associates that would have an interest in or use for my products or services?”  Everyone knows someone and this question will generally produce one to three names (sometimes more). If they do not have any names for you say, “I understand. If you did know someone, who might it be?” Essentially, you are asking the same question in a different way. Most of the time, you will generate one to three names just by asking this follow up question.

TIP: When the customer or prospect provides you with a referral, immediately ask for their contact information. Never say, “Will you give them my name.” Why? You want  to maintain control of the sales process. By obtaining the referral’s contact information, you can proactively reach out to them without having to wait for the other party to act. When you communicate to the referral say, “XYZ recommended that I contact you.” When you are positive and service-oriented before, during and after the sale, people will want to help you. Use customer referrals to boost sales.

All contents copyright © 2013, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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