A Game for Closers

A Game for Closers

I recently watched a video blog by Jarrod Glandt, VP of Sales at [Grant] Cardone Training Technologies, entitled “The Closers Circle.” The goal of The Closers Circle is for sales managers to help their teams drill and practice their closes. Why? Sales people must be ready to address every objection that they encounter from customers and prospects.

How does the game work? Put your sales team in a circle. Give the first sales person in the circle an objection; e.g., “the payment is too high.” If the sales person responds with the right close, they get $20. If they do not, they are out. The sales manager then moves onto the next sales person with an objection; e.g., “I need to think about it.” ETC.

There are to two primary rules of The Closers Circle. They are: 1) The same close cannot be repeated and 2) The sales person must address the objection within five seconds. The last sales person standing gets $100. Remember, a failure to effectively address objections and close customers means missed and stalled deals. Preparation is key.

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