NO Value is Created Until A Deal is Closed

NO Value is Created Until A Deal is Closed

Value is created when a customer has a real or perceived belief that your product or service is worth more than the money they spent to purchase it. Until a deal is closed, you may have been of service to the customer, but you have not created value. You do not believe me? See how long you can stay in business or keep your job selling and servicing customers without closing an agreement. Customers may appreciate you for your knowledge and service, but without an exchange – their money for your product or service – no value was created.

Closing is the final step of a deal. The ability to close deals separates those who have from those who do not. While closing is an extension of sales, it is a separate process. You can be a good salesperson, but a bad closer. You can also be a good closer, but a bad salesperson. The processes are different. Top producers are great at both. They are great at building value during the sales process and creating value during the closing process. Learn to ask for business and overcome objections. NO value is created until a deal is closed.

All contents copyright © 2013, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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