Three Ways to Use LinkedIn for Social Selling

Three Ways to Use LinkedIn for Social Selling

The social selling power of LinkedIn includes:1) Discovery: Identifying leads and revealing common connections; 2) Engagement: Getting in touch with decision-makers; and 3) Insights: Selling with social intelligence. According to a survey by Jim Keenan, author of A Sales Guy Blog, between 2010-2012, the top social selling sites were LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. To build upon my two recent posts on social selling with LinkedIn; i.e., using Groups and Skills, the following will set for three additional ways to effectively leverage the site to drive revenue. They include:

Followers. Prospects that follow your customers have a strong likelihood of being receptive to hearing how you helped that company solve problems. These followers are largely made up of competitors and companies selling into similar verticals. Under Companies, enter a customer; e.g., Box. Click on “followers” (not Follow). Under “How You Are Connected,” click “see all.” You can then narrow down the company’s followers by relevance (left side). From there, you can contact relevant followers with InMails or message them for free if you are part of the same group.

Insights. LinkedIn can also help you identify other prospects within your ideal customer profile. For example, assume that Box falls within your ideal customer profile. Under Companies, enter Box. In the top, middle of the screen, click on Insights. Scroll down to the “People Also Viewed” section at the bottom of the page. The companies listed in that section have a strong likelihood of being in the same or similar business to Box; e.g., Cloudera, Dropbox, Square, etc. You can then add these customers to your prospect list.

Signal. Signal allows you to monitor in real-time all of the conversations happening on LinkedIn based on filters, keywords and other triggers. Sellers can use Signal to find competitive information, conversations to add value and prospects seeking answers. They can also use Signal to identify trends within specific searches, as well as who is sharing links relating to same. Under News, click on Signal. On the left hand side, use the filter and search features to narrow your targets. Save your views to leverage daily.

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