Close without “C” is Lose!

Close without “C” is Lose!

The number one reason salespeople fail to close is because they do not ask for the business and put themselves in a position to negotiate. They avoid going to that difficult place where everyone gets a little uncomfortable. They talk themselves out of closing by thinking the buyer is not ready, they are pressuring the buyer, etc. To win in selling, you must be willing to stay in the deal and persist through the close because your product is right for the buyer. You must believe that your product will bring the buyer more value than the price they will pay for it.

A deal is closed when an exchange occurs between the buyer and seller. The buyer gives the seller money and the seller gives the buyer product. Until that happens, you may have been of service to the customer and shared your knowledge, but no value has been created. The close is what counts. The close is how you get paid. While closing represents 20% of the buying process, it is 100% of your income. You must learn to close. You may have a big pipeline, provide a great product demonstration, etc., but if you cannot close, you lose. In fact, close without “c” is lose!

The number two reason why salespeople fail to close is because they are unprepared to handle buyer objections. When the buyer objects, they cannnot effectively respond and end up losing credibility (and business). There is no cost greater to you or your company than not closing (e.g., time, resources and energy). Write down every objection that you hear and can think of and create an effective response. Practice rebutting buyer objections until they become second nature to you. You must know what to do and say in every situation. Remember, close without “c” is lose.

All contents copyright © 2013, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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