Banging the Virtual Gong

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Banging the Virtual Gong
by Josh Lowry

I love companies that have a gong in their office and bang it every time a sale is made. It creates positive energy and lets everyone know that expansion, growth and progress is occurring. Gongs are great when everyone is in the same office, but what do you do when most of the workforce is distributed? You bang a virtual gong!

A virtual gong is an email that goes out to the entire company, organization or team that starts with GONG: Client Name. The email should summarize the client’s business, business problem and how it was solved. Key contributors and other useful information should also be included. Everyone can then pile on with reply all.

Virtual gongs allow people on the road, workers in field offices and others (e.g., board members, investors, etc.) the opportunity to participate in the excitement. Note if you have a high volume sales model, a gong at the end of the day may be more appropriate or at specific milestones (e.g., every 100 or 1,000 deals signed).

Type-A, high-performing salespeople tend to put so much time, energy and effort into selling and closing deals that when they finally cross the line, they are on to the next one. Leaders must commit to celebrating wins, large and small, and encouraging sellers to take a step back to congratulate themselves on their victory.

Why is banging a gong and celebrating so important? Celebrating success creates a culture of positive energy and recognition and makes people feel like winners. Remember, nothing happens in business until something gets sold. There is no accounting, project management, etc. without deals getting closed. Celebrate early and often.

All contents copyright © 2013, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.

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