“Leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses.” – Mitt Romney
“Losers make excuses, winners make progress.” – Brian Tracy
“Nothing happens to you, it happens because of you – no excuses.” – Grant Cardone
“Stop making excuses and start making up ground.” – Tim Sanders
“When you are committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.” – Ken Blanchard

An excuse is a justification for either doing or not doing something that needs to be done. Excuses are never the reason why you do or do not do something. They are a revision of the facts to help you feel better about what you did or did not do. Making an excuse will not change the situation. Over the long-term, no excuse will make you successful. You must get behind the real reason behind it. Successful people never make excuses. They take 100% accountability for what happens to them. Put your energy into taking massive action, not making excuses.

All contents copyright © 2013, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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