Selling On Purpose

80-20 Rule for Success

If you help enough people get what they want, they will help you get what you want.” – Zig Ziglar

Twenty-percent of salespeople close 80% of deals. What do these 20% of salespeople do differently than the other 80%? They sell on purpose. Their purpose drives them to do what they do (often what they must do) and brings meaning to their lives. When you sell on purpose, you are better equipped to overcome barriers, resistance and setbacks because you are working toward something greater and more important than yourself. If what you do for a living is not in alignment with your purpose, you will be unhappy and find it difficult to succeed.

What is your purpose? Examples include: 1) Raising money for non-profit organizations working to eliminate childhood cancer. 2) Helping people realize their full potential. 3) Earning an income that enables you to provide for your family so they want for nothing. Etc. When you combine your purpose with a product or service (cause or mission) that you fully believe in, the way you sell becomes inherently purposeful. The fastest way to move forward and achieve your goals is to stay on purpose. Selling on purpose will set you apart from the other 80% of salespeople.

While everyone’s purpose in life is different, there are two common themes among top salespeople. First, they do not unconsciously repeat a memorized sales routine and go through the motions. They are intentional about every action that they take. Second, they focus on helping customers and prospects solve problems and feel good about themselves and the decisions they make. They do not focus on what they want, they help other people get what they want. They care about customers and want to help them. Customers can feel it and trust them for it.

Remember, people love to buy, but hate to feel sold. When they feel sold, they question the intent of the salesperson and do not feel like they are in control of the process. They do not trust them. How do you know you are earning trust as a salesperson? By how much information the customer shares with you. Selling on purpose means always having the customer’s best interest at heart. If your product or service is not in their best interest, refer them to someone who can help. There is no shortage of business or money in the world. Stay on purpose. Sell on purpose.

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  1. Gerald King says:

    Great post! Your details are very helpful. Thanks for your work.


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