“I demand more from myself than anyone could ever expect.”
– Julius Erving (“Dr. J.”).

“Today, I will do what others will not, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others cannot.”
– Jerry Rice

I recently ordered Grant Cardone’s book, Sell to Survive.” When it arrived, it came with a laminated card that read, “You Are Greatness.” What is greatness? The dictionary defines the term as a person who has achieved distinction or importance in a field. Greatness can also refer to an individual who possesses an ability to perform better than others. Greatness implies that the person, when compared to others of similar type, has a clear advantage. So, where does the advantage come from? On the card, Cardone sets forth the below ten traits that create greatness. They include:

You Are Greatness
* I am intense
* I am obsessed
* I do what others refuse to
* I must control my destiny
* I am never satisfied
* I cannot settle
* I rise while others sleep
* I refuse to quit
* I am driven to succeed
* I am a role model for others

Are you willing to do what it takes – whatever it takes – to be the greatest “X” in your field? Only to the degree that you are committed to greatness can you become great. You must fully commit and make greatness an ethical obligation meaning that you must always be willing to do whatever it takes; you must always be willing to do what others refuse to do. You must do what others will not so that you can do what others cannot. If you treat greatness as an option, your potential will never be fully realized. Right now, how committed are you to greatness?

All contents copyright © 2013, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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