Leaders Are Self-Aware

Leaders Are Self-Aware

Leaders are self-aware. Self-awareness means having a clear understanding of how people perceive you, including your strengths and weakness, thoughts and beliefs, attitude and actions, etc. Effective leaders then see themselves how people see them, not how they see themselves. It is important to remember that while people judge themselves by their intent, people are judged by their actions and words. Perception is reality.

To ensure that you do not overcompensate, ask yourself, am I trying to accomplish the right thing for the right reason (“the what”)? If the answer is yes, self-awareness is about your approach (“the how”). When you received feedback, do not get defensive. Say, “thank you” and ask for suggestions. Feedback allows you to course-correct. While it is easy to discount critics, they can be your most helpful voice. Control peoples’ perception of you. Be self-aware.

All contents copyright © 2012, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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