What Startups Can Learn from the Secret Service

What Startups Can Learn from the Secret Service

When the President leaves the White House, he is protected by the Secret Service. The Secret Service must always be smarter, faster and better prepared than would-be assassins. The same is true for startups, only the would-be assassins are competitors. Consider the following when positioning your company to customers and partners:

  • Smarter – Tactics happen during engagements; strategy happens before them. Effective strategy is a prerequisite for tactical success; e.g., positioning flexible payment terms against a larger competitor’s inflexible purchasing programs. Be strategic. Tactics are only effective when positioned to the right person at the right time.
  • Faster – The speed of the leader is the speed of the team. Value speed in everything that you do. This includes how quickly you follow-up after presentations or respond to inquiries. If part of your value proposition is that you are fast and the competition is big and slow, make them look that way at every opportunity possible.
  • Better Prepared – Drill, practice and rehearse to effectively compete against large companies and other startups. Buyers want to do business with confident companies and people. Preparation breeds confidence. Startups must always stand tall. If you do not demonstrate confidence in your company or product, who will?

The next time you leave the office ask, am I protected? Am I smarter, faster and better prepared than the competition? Do I have a protective moat the competition cannot breach? Remember, the Secret Service is not the best protection agency in the world because they compete in the market. They are the best because they dominate it. Do the same.

All contents copyright © 2013, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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