Defuse Customer Emotions with Logic

Defuse Customer Emotions with Logic

During the sales process, customers can and often do get emotional, including displaying anger, frustration, etc. When directed at you or your company, never take emotions personally or react to them. These emotions are often the result of how customers feel about themselves, not about you. Acknowledge the emotional reaction that they are having, but do not add to it. Remain calm and interested while continuing to move forward. During an outburst, always engage with customers logically, not emotionally. Emotions pass when customers gain perspective and come to their senses.

When the customer says, “I told you that I could only afford $X, you need to lower your price by 20%,” is he upset with you or himself? That is, is the price high because he waited too long and now you have to double-down on resources to meet his deadline? Customer emotions are often the result of current frustrations or past failures. Focus on the facts. Logically guide them through the emotional waters into the calm. You cannot stop selling or closing every time a customer gets emotional. Remember, when a customer displays emotion, they are often getting close to buying.

All contents copyright © 2013, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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