Five Killer Closes for Q4

Five Killer Closes for Q4

One of the top reasons that salespeople do not consistently close deals is because they do not have enough closes in their repertoire to effectively address customer complaints, objections and stalls. In contrast, when you are an expert closer, you can predict the actions and reactions of other people and know in advance how to effectively respond to them. To become an expert closer, you must drill, practice and rehearse closing deals in advance of engaging with customers. Below are five reliable closes to help you finish both Q4 and the calendar year strong. They include:

  • Agreement Close – Seller: “I agree our hourly rates are high.” Acknowledge the customer’s statement, but do not give it value. Most customer statements are complaints (e.g., “it is a lot of money”), not objections.
  • Commission Close – Seller: “Any more of a discount will result in me not getting paid on this transaction and I know you do not want that.”  People are more willing to help another person versus get a product discount.
  • Personal Favor Close – Seller: “It would be a personal favor to me if you could do this now.” Some people will do more for others than they will do for themselves. Build a relationship and service the customer before using.
  • Scale of 1-to-10 Close – Seller: “On a scale from one to ten, how committed are you to moving forward? What would it take to make it a ten?”  This close gives you a sense of what issues to address to get a deal done.
  • Third Party Close – Seller: “If I can get X to agree to that, can we close today?” Take the focus off of you and show that you are working to get it done. Buyers like sellers that work on their behalf.

 All contents copyright © 2013, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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