Ten Tradeshow Best Practices

Ten Tradeshow Best Practices

This week, I will be attending AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, NV. Below are ten best practices that my company, team and I will use to maximize our time and return while attending the event. They include:

  1. Booth – Ensure that you have a booth in a strategic location on the tradeshow floor; e.g., next to the host company. Leverage the location and traffic to tell your story and capture leads.
  2. Events – Hold events (e.g., poker night) or parties during the tradeshow. Make sure that they are worth attending and get people talking. People love to discuss their favorite events and parties all year.
  3. Host – Use the tradeshow as an opportunity to strengthen your existing relationships with the host company’s employees, put faces to names and build new connections. The host company can be a great source of leads.
  4. Media – Ensure that you have interviews lined up with the press to capitalize on the event and your participation in it. Use the tradeshow to launch new products or services to maximize attendee buzz and media coverage.
  5. Meetings – Ensure that you have a specific room or place to schedule meetings with clients and prospects. Connecting people to the right executives and managers is a great way to move opportunities forward.
  6. Partnerships – Identify companies that you may want to partner with within accounts or within specific geographies. Look for synergistic partnerships where two unique companies are better together.
  7. Recruiting – Always be on the lookout for talent. People often attend tradeshows looking for new career opportunities. Make connections to gauge their interest or leverage their networks.
  8. Socialize – Proactively work to make new friends. It is tempting to socialize with people you know, but that does not expand your network. Multiple company employees at the same table is a missed opportunity.
  9. Speaking – Ensure that either you or your team speaks on subjects that provide thought leadership. People are always looking for best practices. Promote your expertise and know-how in specific areas.
  10. Targeting – Identify what clients and prospects are attending the tradeshow. Proactively seek them out and make an introduction. Invite them to events, tell your story, etc. Get in front of them!

All contents copyright © 2013, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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