How to Create Surround Sound Marketing

How to Create Surround Sound Marketing

According to the American Marketing Association, nine out of ten people have a mobile telephone and one out of eight people is a Facebook user. Thus, if you are not communicating with customers and prospects on mobile and social, you are not effectively or efficiently reaching them. In addition, there are two billion people on the Internet. Internet users refer to magazines (20%), newspapers (10%) and television (13%) for their research as well. Based on multiple channels, how do you get both customers and prospects to pay attention to your content and offers?

Effective companies and marketers rise above the noise by eliminating their programmatic marketing silos and by moving to develop one voice for their brand. They unify their messaging across channels with a consistent feel, look and voice. They know that seeing an advertisement multiple times in the same medium is generally less effective than if people see an advertisement across different media outlets. The practice of companies and people unifying their messaging with multi-channel orchestration is called surround sound marketing.

This year at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, my company created massive surround sound via a magazine delivered to every participants’ hotel room, a new product launch, after parties and special events, client meetings, large booth staffed with technical specialists and equipped for product demonstrations, mentions during keynotes, speaking engagements, etc. In fact, I regularly heard, “You have a massive presence at this event.” and “Everywhere I turn, I see and hear great things about your company.” Net: Get everyone thinking and talking positively about you.

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