How to Identify the Ultimate Decision-Maker

How to Identify the Ultimate Decision-Maker

The role of the ultimate decision-maker is to give final approval to buy a product, service or solution. The ultimate decision-maker can be one person or set of people such as a board, committee or team. The ultimate decision-maker has 1) authority to release money, 2) controls the expenditure of money, 3) discretionary use of resources and 4) veto power over other people. Their primary focus is on the bottom-line and organizational impact. Thus, they ask questions like: “What return will I get from the investment?” and “What results will occur from it?”

How do you ensure that you are engaged with the ultimate decision-maker? You test the person by asking them one or more of the following questions: a) When the decision is made, whose budget will funds be taken from? b) Is there anyone who can veto this proposal? c) Is there anyone at a senior-level whose approval we also need? Asking a reliable internal champion or influencer the same questions will also help you substantiate the information provided. Remember, failing to identify the ultimate decision-maker can derail even the most straightforward sales scenarios.

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