How to Scale Yourself As Leader

How to Scale Yourself As Leader

“The ultimate leader is a person who is willing to develop people to the point that they eventually surpass them in ability and knowledge.” – John Maxwell

No matter how effective and efficient you are as a leader, there is only 24 hours in a day. In today’s fast moving market, everyone from clients, employees and partners needs something yesterday. To make the greatest contribution to the company and its people, having the time to consistency do the right things is critical. How then can leaders better scale themselves across the organization? By creating multiple avenues of communication; by getting direct managers out of the office and into the field; but most important, by developing other leaders to multiply their efforts.

Leaders who develop followers grow their organization one person at a time. Leaders who develop other leaders multiply the growth of their organization. For example, if you add ten followers, you have the power of ten people. If you add ten leaders, you have the power of ten people plus all of the followers that they influence. The stronger the leaders that you develop, the greater the quality and quantity of their followers – and the more you scale your personal influence and leadership. The more you want to accomplish, the more developing leaders makes a difference.

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5 Responses to How to Scale Yourself As Leader

  1. Georgia Adams says:

    Amazing article!


  2. Woodrow Ullathorne says:

    Very nice. You have passed along a lot of great insights in this post. Thanks.


  3. Carol Fincher says:

    Greate article. I am really impressed by your site.


  4. Justin Perdriau says:

    Great post!


  5. Holly Gooseberry says:

    You have made some decent points there extending your leadership. Enjoyed it.


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