How Enterprise Companies Are Leveraging AWS

How Enterprise Companies Are Leveraging AWS

Industry-leading companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS) are providing both breadth and depth of offerings across their cloud platforms to solve for almost any conceivable workload imaginable in the enterprise.

Enterprise companies are benefiting from the cloud. Benefits include: Going global in minutes; Increasing agility, innovation and speed; Lowering costs to less than you could do on your own; Repurposing scarce resources like software engineers from undifferentiated work to high value activities; Scaling up and down as needed to match capacity with demand; and Shifting capital expense to variable expense. Net: The cloud is refining what is possible. To realize the benefits of the cloud, below are five key areas where enterprise companies are leveraging AWS.

  • Building New Applications – Building new applications in the cloud is faster, easier to manage and less expensive to run. Companies are also taking advantage of distributed architecture for high availability.
  • Development and Test – Moving development and test environments can reduce deployment times from weeks to days. Groups can spin up and spin down resources as needed reducing hardware, software and other costs.
  • Enhancing On-Premise Applications – Enterprise companies are using the cloud to make their existing on-premise applications better. Common use cases include data backup and disaster recovery.
  • Integrating with On-Premise – Enterprise companies are integrating cloud applications with on-premise IT. Use Case: Application data in the cloud; transaction data sent on-premise for processing; output sent back to cloud.
  • Migrating Applications to Cloud – Enterprise companies are migrating existing applications to the cloud for better performance and lower cost. Use cases include external SaaS applications and internal LOB applications.

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