Positive Leadership: The Way Forward

Positive Leadership: The Way Forward

Positive leadership is critical to business success. Positive leadership means consistently communicating and conveying the idea that there is always a way to make something happen, to get something done, to affect positive change, etc. In fact, that is what true leadership is about – moving an organization and its people forward. The way forward means reinforcing the idea that everyone is included. Everyone is part of the organization and team. Everyone should participate because each person’s contribution and input is truly valued and respected.

When leaders create a uniform mission (what we do) and purpose (why we do it) in the organization where people want to help each other, issues get addressed and problems get solved. It is important to create a safe environment to have candid, honest, but respectful dialogue, especially when things go wrong. Example: If there is an issue with the company’s offering, it is counterproductive for the product group, sales and services to point figures. Each group must believe that they are on the same team. Each must ask, what can we do to help? That is positive leadership.

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