Living Your Core Values

Living Your Core Values

Living your core values may alienate you from some people, but never from yourself. There can be pain from saying no (not taking action toward something you want) and pain from saying yes (taking action toward something you do not want). There will always be times when you have to make hard decisions to keep your values intact – make them.

The best leaders make their core values known and live by them. Core values are descriptive behaviors that guide how decisions are made and what actions are taken. While strategy and tactics may change over time, core values do not. Core values are the foundation of knowing who you are and what you are about. None of the principles of leadership will stand the test of time if they are not built upon a solid foundation of core values. In fact, being a person of integrity is about living your core values; operating the same whether or not someone is looking.

People with integrity make decisions based on core values, not emotions. They constantly judge themselves against their core values. They do not have divided loyalties (duplicity) or false beliefs (hypocrisy). They know that integrity requires trustworthiness and trustworthiness requires predictability. When you make decisions based on your core values, you create predictability. When you make duplicitous or hypocritical decisions, you leave people with scars, even if not immediate. Eventually, each of us will be recognized for who we are, not what we appear to be.

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