Josh Lowry BLOG – Best of 2013

Josh Lowry BLOG - Best of 2013

Two thousand thirteen was a great year for connecting with people all over the world and sharing ideas about cloud, leadership, management, marketing, partner, sales, social, startup and technology. Last year, people from across the globe – 153 countries – visited the Josh Lowry BLOG. Reaching out to ask questions, provide feedback and share information is a powerful way to confirm and refine thinking and practices. I want to thank everyone that I engaged with over the past 12 months in those areas. Below are the top ten posts written in 2013 and ranked by popularity.

01 – Ten Surprising Sales and Prospecting Statistics
What is the best day and time to cold call and email prospects, etc.?

02 – Manager vs Leader
What is the difference between a manager and leader?

03 – SERVE Model of Leadership
Putting servant leadership into practice.

04 – Leaving Microsoft 
Thoughts on leaving Microsoft after 12 years.

05 – Cloud Computing: Shift from CapEx to OpEx
What impact does cloud computing have on budgets and expenses?

06 – Selling Faster to Enterprise Customers 
Ten tactics to accelerate the buying process within the enterprise.

07 – The 10X Rule of Success 
How to achieve and exceed your business and revenue goals.

08 – Revenue Rules 
What are the rules top sellers use to consistently over deliver?

09 – Benefits of Amazon Web Services (AWS) 
What are the business benefits of using AWS for cloud infrastructure?

10 – Five Steps to Building A MASSIVE Sales Pipeline 
How to build a big, high-quality pipeline to accelerate sales results.

All contents copyright © 2014, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


6 Responses to Josh Lowry BLOG – Best of 2013

  1. Candice Free says:

    Great posts by you. I can not wait to read far more from you.


  2. Annie Magana says:

    Some good posts here …


  3. Ashley Haffey says:

    This site is actually relevant! Finally, I have found something that helped me. Thank you!


  4. Armando Kuntz says:

    Informative information and quotes … exactly what I wanted to find.


  5. John Sidwell says:

    Enjoyed the summary of links. Continued success in 2015!


  6. Willie Esther says:

    Attractive summary of content.


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