Transformational Change in IT

Transformational Change in IT

The role of IT is changing. IT is becoming more about managing services, integrating services and adding value around services versus administering and maintaining servers, systems, etc. In fact, a significant portion of the competencies previously developed by IT (i.e., backing up systems, securing the network, etc.) are now being delivered by cloud vendors. The new era of IT then is about driving consistency between platforms and orchestrating services between products. It is also about getting the most out of the information within the enterprise.

IT is moving from a technology enabler to a business and information enabler. IT is no longer about rebooting servers. It is about ensuring the business is as effective, efficient and productive as possible. This means the people being hired and the skills being developed are changing. Today, the common scenario is collaboration between the business units and IT. The business units discuss problems and IT recommends solutions. The solutions are then unified by IT for compliance, governance, identity, security, etc. As technology continues to evolve, so will IT.

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